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From "Perrin Harkins" <>
Subject Re: re-post : duplicate sockets with mp2, apache2, linux
Date Thu, 20 Sep 2007 21:09:33 GMT
On 9/20/07, André Warnier <> wrote:
> Question 2 : the external server with whom I communicate is a piece of
> code outside my control, and what it logs is a bit limited.
> I would gladly try to provide a simplified example of what is happening,
> but for that I would need another TCP server module, to which I could
> open a connection, send something and read a response.  It would have to
> be something that leaves a clear trace of wether one or two connections
> are taking place. (I could use the "echo" port, but that leaves no
> separate trace for instance).
> Anyone think of something ?

There are lots of simple TCP servers on CPAN.  Or you could just start
an apache server and make an HTTP request over a socket.

Also, have you tried running your code in the debugger to try to see
when the second socket appears?

- Perrin

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