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From "Philippe M. Chiasson" <>
Subject Re: RFC: Apache2::Filter::Minifier::JavaScript
Date Thu, 20 Sep 2007 07:10:04 GMT
Graham TerMarsch wrote:
> I've been working on some projects needing JS minification recently and wanted 
> to ping others and find out if anyone else would find it useful to have a 
> mod_perl2 filter that auto-minified your JS (using JavaScript::Minifier)...
> Am thinking along the lines of something that you'd set up in your Apache 
> config like:
> 	<FilesMatch "\.js$">
> 		PerlOutputFilterHandler Apache2::Filter::Minifier::JavaScript
> 		PerlSetVar MINIFIER_CACHE_ROOT /path/to/your/cache/dir
> 	</FilesMatch>
> Results would be cached to disk, so that we didn't have to re-minify the JS 
> files on each and every request.  Obviously, if the original file changes, 
> the cached copy would be considered invalid.

Sounds like an interesting module, and I certainly would use it to serve
my JavaScript. One note however, why implement your own caching mechanisms
when you could very simply just make use of the existing mod_cache framework ?

Apart from that, looking forward to seeing it on CPAN.

Philippe M. Chiasson     GPG: F9BFE0C2480E7680 1AE53631CB32A107 88C3A5A5       m/gozer\@(apache|cpan|ectoplasm)\.org/

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