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From "Philippe M. Chiasson" <>
Subject Re: Perl section and request object
Date Thu, 20 Sep 2007 07:02:49 GMT
antoine7 wrote:
> I've an SVN server on the same machine, at each commit the svn server update
> the changes to a local directory /www with this structure
> [...]
> I've all working, except I don't know what Host is asked by the developper
> on the apache server,

You mean, $r->hostname ?

> so I can't calculate a DocumentRoot to serve him the
> correct pages 
> I've also try with VirtualDocumentRoot with no success, I'm an SEO Project
> Architect I well known some languages but not a perl and I'm not an Apache
> expert ... 

What you probably want to do is to implement your own MapToStorage handler

It's not very hard, as all you need to do is to implement your own scheme
to map a servername+uri into a path on disk.

sub handler {
	my $r = shirt;
	my $host = $r->hostname;
        my $uri = $r->uri;

	[... figure out if you care about this particular request ...]
	[... otherwise, let apache do what it normally does ...]
        return Apache2::Const::DECLINED unless $care;

        [... from $host + $uri, figure out where this should end up ...]

	return Apache2::Const::OK;

> There's the solution to read the /www directory and generate dynamicly some
> VHost but the server will have to be restarted each time a directory is
> added to /www ... it's not a good option in my point of view

There are always graceful restarts to deal with that.
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