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From Robert Landrum <>
Subject [mp1] Eval in Mason causes segfault
Date Wed, 05 Sep 2007 14:51:22 GMT
I've run into a strange error recently and wanted to see if anyone else 
had come across this.

Basically, I have have a set of database handles created as globals in 
the HTML::Mason::Commands namespace.  To use these, we assign them to an 
object. i.e.:

my $obj = new Foo;
$obj->{my_dbh} = $my_dbh;

Sometimes a mason component will need to make use of more than one of 
these exported global database handles.  To achieve this, I did the 

for my $dbhname (qw(some other handles)) {
   eval "\$obj->{${dbhname}_dbh} = \$${dbhname}_dbh;";

In essence:
   $obj->{some_dbh} = $some_dbh;
   $obj->{other_dbh} = $other_dbh;
   $obj->{handles_dbh} = $handles_dbh;

Randomly this will throw a segfault.

Just for kicks, I tried:

for my $dbhname (qw(some other handles)) {
   eval "\$obj->{${dbhname}_dbh} = 

Magically, no more segfaults.

I'm sure that this issue has probably been fixed in later versions (ours 
is very old), but just wanted to give a heads up in case someone else 
ran into this issue.


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