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From "Dami Laurent (PJ)" <>
Subject RE: Checking for group membership in a mod perl handler.
Date Tue, 18 Sep 2007 15:00:07 GMT

>.... I want to use a
>perl module to check group membership. Specifically I want to check
>the "department" property in our active directory, and use this to
>allow or deny access.
>Writing Perl code that gets this info from the AD is not the problem.
>My problem is that its not clear to me how to tie this code in the
>whole apache processing.
>Do I need to write a PerlAuthzHandler? Or something else?

Hi Krist,

You already have the answer : what you need is a PerlAuthzHandler. 
See the example in

Your handler code can use Apache2::Access::requires to find out about
require directives for this request, and then use that info to ask your
AD server.

Best regards, Laurent Dami

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