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From Graham TerMarsch <>
Subject ANNOUNCE: Apache2-Filter-Minifier-JavaScript
Date Fri, 21 Sep 2007 04:07:23 GMT
The uploaded file


has entered CPAN as

  size: 5186 bytes
   md5: 514ca279df6b96e6bfee6f4e0d36a9e7

Please allow time for the file to mirror across CPAN...

Apache2::Filter::Minifier::JavaScript filters JS through JavaScript::Minifier, 
to minify the JS and reduce its final footprint.  This -ISN'T- obfuscation, 
but minification; we're just removing whitespace and comments.

Minification can be CPU intensive depending on how big your JS is, so caching 
is recommended (a mod_cache sample is included in the docs).

Many thanks to Geoffrey Young for his work on Apache::Clean, from which I, uh, 
borrowed several things.  Also thanks to Peter Michaux for 

Feedback/comments appreciated.

Graham TerMarsch
Howling Frog Internet Development, Inc.

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