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From Eli Shemer <>
Subject post data
Date Fri, 14 Sep 2007 18:28:15 GMT
Hey there.


I yesterday compiled and installed  apache2  on our company's server but
it's currently on port 8080 for further testing.

I'm currently updating our perl code to run natural mod_perl 2 code and
there's something I've stumbled upon.


Usually what we do is grep the POST data using the apache request's content
method which I see is no more available.


$r = Apache->request();

 %params = $r->method eq 'POST' ? $r->content : $r->args; 

This is unusable code now days I gather.


Currently I'm using Apache::RequestRec in my tests but it only supports the
args method which doesn't fit my needs, cross project.


I've read through the docs and saw that I have two available options:

1.       using libapreq's Apache2::Request And then something like
$apr->param('var') would work.

2.       using Apache2::RequestIO directly and it's read method. Which seems
a bit dirty.


I would appreciate if someone could provide some more information and
possibly suggest the preferred way of doing this, before I implement it to
all of the files.


Thanks a lot.


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