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From Foo JH <>
Subject Using Apache 2.2 from ApacheLounge for Win32 modperl
Date Sat, 18 Aug 2007 18:29:35 GMT
Hi all,

While ApacheLounge makes available a Win32 binary of Apache2.2 that 
seems to work better for modperl than the distribution from, 
be advised that if you intend to use libapreq2, you may not want to use 
the mod_perl binary from ApacheLounge.

I don't have the technical details, but if you try to use ApacheLounge's 
mod_perl and theoryx5's libapreq, you will not be able to use 
Apache2::Reload at the very least.

For some reason, the MSI version of ActivePerl (tested with build 822) 
is more stable than the AS version in terms of starting up httpd on 
system startup, and service restarts. So please avoid the latter.

My recommendation:
1. Use the Apache2.2.x binary from ApacheLounge
2. Use the MSI version of ActivePerl, NOT the AS version
3. Use the mod_perl library from theoryx5, NOT from ApacheLounge
4. Use the libapreq2 library from theoryx5

Tested on Windows XP SP2 x86

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