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From Foo JH <>
Subject Using modperl from ApacheLounge
Date Tue, 14 Aug 2007 10:34:33 GMT
Hi all,

Earlier on I was sharing the discovery of an alternative binary for 
Apache on Win32 at Apache Lounge (http:// 
Here are some updates on the implementation:

1. There are binaries for Apache 2.2 and modperl2, but none for 
libapreq2. The ppd from theoryx5 works though.

2. Still have to be careful with spaces in directories. Seems to work, 
though OS will pop up a httpd failure message. Can be scary to the client.

3. Apache2::Reload seems to be responsible for crashing the httpd 
service at OS startup. But if you take omit it from httpd.conf during 
the first Apache service start, stop the service, add it 
(Apache2::Reload) back in, Apache will start and restart without 
problems. In other words, you can use it during development, but not 
during deployment.

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