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From Clinton Gormley < >
Subject Re: Special characters
Date Tue, 21 Aug 2007 18:54:44 GMT
On Tue, 2007-08-21 at 14:21 -0400, Dan King wrote:
> I am having issues running a web application, called OTRS, that uses
> DBI and DBD::Oracle. When I insert special characters, such as é or â
> they show up as question marks in the database when looking at them
> from sqlplus or through the web application. I am running the web app
> on Apache v1 with an Oracle 10g backend both on Solaris 9. The reason
> I am asking the question here is I am wondering if mod perl does any
> conversion of text that is typed into a text box. 

It's not that mod_perl is converting the text.  It's that your program
is NOT converting it.

You are using conflicting character sets.  For instance, maybe data in
your database is stored in UTF8, but on your website you're using

You need to decode all text coming into your Perl program, and encode it
again on the way out.

Have a look at this tutorial I wrote about using UTF8 with MySQL - may


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