On 7/20/07, Michael Peters <mpeters@plusthree.com> wrote:
Dustin D. wrote:
> I can't seem to get php 5.2.3, mod_perl 2.0.3, mysql 5.0.45, and apache
> 2.2.4 to work together.

Why do you need to do that? Normally what I've seen others do in this situation
(and have done myself) is to have 2 separate apaches and a proxy in front of
them to send it to one or the other.

I don't necessarily have a problem running 3 different apaches.  One issue I have is that I also need a development environment, so that's two more apache processes as well.  When I was using regular cgi, I only had one server for everything, development and production, since I was making minimal code changes and testing out under a virtual server.  Now I might be looking at 5 different servers because of the need for differences between dev and production due to different @INC settings, etc., and also the need for php and mod_perl to be on their own server.  I guess I can live with that.

With that in mind, is it possible to reuse the same apache install directory, and just launch the different processes with different httpd.conf files that load the appropriate DSO's and settings?  Everything I've read about multiple apache servers implies you need completely different install trees, which is sorta painful when you need 5 different apaches running with practically the same install, just a different httpd.conf to load the right DSO.

Thanks for the help.