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From "Arshavir Grigorian" <>
Subject Re: how to use Apache::DBI
Date Mon, 30 Jul 2007 10:42:01 GMT
connect_on_init() creates the database connection when the Apache
child process starts (vs when it serves the first request). This
ensures that the first request gets to use an existing connection vs
having to wait for a connection to be made.

Also to benefit from Apache::DBI functionality your script needs to be
running under modperl (via Apache2::Registry). Is it running under

On 7/30/07, Ken Perl <> wrote:
> I've configured  the Apache::DBI in httpd.conf like this,
> PerlModule Apache::DBI
> I didn't have  Apache::DBI->connect_on_init($data_source, $username,
> $auth, \%attr) in since we don't use and the
> doc says to config it in httpd.conf is OK.
> my question is I can not find any persistent connections for my CGI
> script. any usage error here?
> --
> perl -e 'print unpack(u,"62V5N\"FME;G\!E<FQ`9VUA:6PN8V]M\"\@``
> ")'

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