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From Jens Helweg <>
Subject Re: Where is Perl compilation output when using modperl ?
Date Fri, 29 Jun 2007 07:02:26 GMT
Michael Peters schrieb:
> Jens Helweg wrote:
>> How do the modperl pros find an error in modperl modules when all apache
>> tells is that it can't load the module instead of priting the complete
>> error that the perl compiler/parser has with the code.
> I'm not sure why the error message is getting buried for you, but I get errors
> like that to my error log all the time. So it's not something that's always a
> problem. In fact, I think it's always worked right for me. Don't know if this is
> encouraging or not :)

This definitley helps. :)
As I said I'm new to the modperl world and so far only tried it on
windows. So I guess I need to configure something in apache/modperl to
get this information, too. Or switch to Linux. We'll see. :)

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