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From "Perrin Harkins" <>
Subject Re: [mp2] Segmentation faults with threaded worker-mpm
Date Mon, 04 Jun 2007 14:30:12 GMT
On 6/3/07, Jani M. <> wrote:
> The problems start only when two or more interpreters per
> process is running - unfortunately, this is exactly what I would need
> for scalability and performance.

Are you sure about that?  On Linux, prefork is likely to perform
better.  Threads will use up a lot more memory, and be slow to spawn.
I think you should try a little benchmarking before you put a lot more
time into using threads.

If it turns out you do need to get threads to work, the next step in
fixing segfaults is typically to get a backtrace.  There are
instructions for doing this in the mod_perl docs.

- Perrin

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