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From Jeff <>
Subject Re: SQLite and multiple process behavior
Date Tue, 19 Jun 2007 07:51:08 GMT

Apologies - missed the start of this thread... but reading between the 
lines, you are seeing stale data from some DB handles, and updated data 
elsewhere? I get the impression that you are replacing / updating the 
underlying db files from source control?

 >> It's almost like the OS is keeping two distinct
 >> versions of this file, when there is only one on the drive.

This is normal on *nix - files are really referenced by inode, and 
directories contain a name -> inode mapping. For example you have a file 
named my.db which the directory points to inode 123. You copy a new file 
over - you now have my.db -> inode 234. If any processes had inode 123 
open, those handles will continue to work on inode 123 even though that 
name now points to 234. New processes will open 234. The OS will keep 
inode 123 around until all processes close the handle.

Databases do not like you playing with the underlying files while there 
are handles open. If this is your problem, probably the best solution is 
to use the database interface to update the contents - change your 
release process to use the database, open the table, truncate it and 
load in all the new data (or use a BCP style load if there is one).

It is possible to install the contents of a file into the old inode but 
this will cause issues if the database engine implements any caching / 
locking etc. Alternatively, as Perrin mentioned, you could re-open the 
database connection (maybe after stating a flag file).

Just a thought,


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Subject: Re:SQLite and multiple process behavior
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