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From Steven Heimann <>
Subject Weird problem - local variable appears to be available in 2 instances of mod-perl
Date Tue, 05 Jun 2007 11:28:42 GMT
I am new to mod_perl but have been using perl over the years for various
text processing needs.

I needed to extract and modify data on the fly for our web site and
thought mod_perl would be perfect.  The Ubuntu Breezy package
installation worked fine and mod perl seemed to work correctly.

The links on the web page call a perl script to open an xml file,
process and extract data in the file and produce HTML.  It appears to
work correctly except that in testing on odd occasions some data from a
previous call to the perl script gets displayed.  It is not the whole
page.  A paragraph from the previously accessed page will get displayed
along with the current page.  This paragraph of text represents the
contents of one variable in the perl script.

Continual refreshes from the browser results in apparently random
appearance of the same incorrect data.  I am testing with direct access
to the web server (apache2) to ensure it is not caching causing the

I don't understand how intermittently a variable seems to be persisting
from one instance of the script to another, especially when during the
course of several refreshes it will disappear and then reappear.

I have been trying to find an answer for much of the day without
success.  Any suggestions of how to track down this problem would be

Thank you and regards

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