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From "Aaron Trevena" <>
Subject mod_perl forking and DBD::Pg prepared statement problem
Date Thu, 31 May 2007 15:32:27 GMT
Hello you wonderful helpful people :)

I've just moved a web application (maypole/c::dbi) from one
development server to another, previously the code worked fine but now
I get :

'prepared statement "dbdpg_1" does not exist' on every (prepared)
query to the database.

There only are two differences: the version of postgres and the apache
configuration - other than that the dependancies all match.

On the problem server the perl content handler is in a location
outside of a virtual host, in the working server is in a location
inside a virtual host.

The problem server also has postgres 8.1 and the working server has
postgres 7.4 - this shouldn't make any difference (although 8.1 is
backwards incompatible enough to have caused problems previously with
querys no longer being valid *sigh*).

So my question is - will having a content handler in a location
directive outside of virtual host cause it to be compiled before
forking, and after forking if inside a virtual host? As pre-forking
seems to be blamed in the few examples I could find with google.



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