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From "Lionel MARTIN" <>
Subject Re: After retrieving data from DB, the memory doesn't seem to be freed up
Date Thu, 10 May 2007 22:08:13 GMT
>> -I'll try to use, in my Perl scripts, lexical variables instead of global
>> variables, so that I'm sure the used memory can be resued for later 
>> requests
>> (global variables, on the other hand, stick in memory, due to mod perl 
>> way
>> of operating)
> Not really.  In terms of memory, there's no difference.  The reason
> you should use lexicals is that it's a better programming style.
> There's really no difference in the way globals behave under mod_perl.
> You just don't notice it under CGI because the process quits right
> after the request has been served.

Here, I'm getting confused.

Let's imagine I'm running the following script though ModPerl::PerlRun or 

use strict;
package mypack;
my $lexical;
our $global;
print lexical: '  . $lexical. ' # global: ' . $global;
$lexical= 2007;
$global = 2007;

This script would print:
lexical:  # global:
the first time it is run

and then:
lexical:  # global: 2007

So, this clearly shows that the global variables sticks in memory, while the 
lexical one doesn't.
So, I would imagine that after the script is run, space used by the lexical 
variable would be freed up.

Am I wrong? 

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