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From Jonathan Vanasco <>
Subject Re: stupid optimization question
Date Thu, 17 May 2007 18:24:47 GMT

On May 17, 2007, at 12:59 PM, Perrin Harkins wrote:

> I think you've found the dumbest and tiniest here.  I'd suggest
> looking anywhere else.  There's probably something in your database
> config that could be tweaked to make more difference than this.

i'm pretty sure I have too.
database has been refactored several times, its running on a 4gb  
dedicated + a custom kernel to make more available to the os.
i've also got  slave running on read-only on the mp machine that is  
maxed on memory and tweaked as well..
its just one damn url mapping that is causing me problems.  i'm  
hoping that a tiny speedup in perl & less ram use will give postgres  
enough additional resources to bump up.

> That's just exception handling.  I don't expect it will behave
> differently from a normal block if you don't throw an exception.  If
> you meant to ask about string eval, there is a definite performance
> hit and minor memory leak associated with it.

i think the string eval memory leak was fixed in .8 or .9

> I expect B::Deparse is your friend for understanding things like this.
> If you don't know how to use it, there are lots of people on
> who love it.

i'm wondering specifically about the eval in terms of exception  
handling, and how that relates to memory allocation.
i have a completely irrational and unsubstantiated fear that my  
extensive use of exception handling is causing my apps to balloon in  
memory use.

I guess B::Deparse is the best bet -- will try it now.  thanks.

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