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From Jonathan Vanasco <>
Subject Re: Global question
Date Mon, 07 May 2007 17:06:09 GMT

On May 7, 2007, at 11:59 AM, Perrin Harkins wrote:

> Storable is fast, but not using it is considerably faster.  There's no
> need to use it for storing simple strings.  BerkeleyDB does shared
> memory caching, so commonly accessed data doesn't need to go to disk.

Ah, I reread the post.  I saw "large lists" and thought "complex data  
structure", not simple text.

I didn't know that BDB does shared memory caching.  I'll have to read  
up on it.

>>         Unless you're already using mysql in your app ,  I  
>> wouldn't add it
>> in -- you'll introduce a new potential performance bottleneck.
> Primary key lookups in MySQL over local sockets are very fast --
> faster than memcached.

Really ?  I had read that they were about the same, but that mysql  
selects are blocking & FIFO , while memcached is threaded and  
supports concurrent access.

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