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From "Perrin Harkins" <>
Subject Re: Global question
Date Mon, 07 May 2007 18:01:16 GMT
On 5/7/07, Jonathan Vanasco <> wrote:
> that's interesting.  since its not persistant, i figured it just
> released everything once you closed the file.

It does when you shut down the BDB "environment", but there's no
reason to do that unless your processes are exiting.

> if you've got a dedicated system on this from mysql that works.  but
> the blocking nature of mysql selects means that you're bringing in
> the overhead from other mysql apps onto your mp application -- which
> you might not want on a per-request basis.

Blocking?  You mean readers blocking writers?  If you have frequent
updates, the MVCC model used by InnoDB tables avoids that.  In
general, I've found the read performance of InnoDB to be better than
MyISAM in my application.

> they
> eventually realized that when the system wasn't making use of the
> mysql query caching, the requests were blocking with all the other
> mysql traffic.  i think it was because all the selects happen in one
> synchronous process.

Not sure what you're talking about there.  MySQL is a multi-threaded
daemon and readers don't block each other, even with the simple MyISAM
locking scheme.

In any case, the scenario I had in mind for Will Fould's situation is
a dedicated MySQL on the local box that does nothing but handle this
shared data.

- Perrin

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