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From Victor Danilchenko <>
Subject Re: Help with sending custom headers in mod_perl2
Date Fri, 04 May 2007 23:49:48 GMT
	Someone (you know who you are, thanks!) helped me off-list by pointing 
out that I should use HTTP status 301 with Location header instead. In 
retrospect, it should have been obvious that the behavior I desired is 
meaningless in the context of Refresh header. D'oh.

Victor Danilchenko wrote:
> Perrin Harkins wrote:
>> On 5/2/07, Victor Danilchenko <> wrote:
>>>         I seem to be missing something very obvious... I have:
>>> $r->header_out("Refresh"=>"0; URL=$uri\n");
>> I think you're looking for this:
>> $r->headers_out->add("Refresh"=>"0; URL=$uri\n");
>     Yup, that was it. Thanks.
>     Unfortunately, it worked, but it didn't help :(. Apparently neither 
> Firefox nor IE honor the Refresh HTTP header when performing the 
> XMLHttpRequest operation in JavaScript, so I will have to figure out a 
> different way to re-process the request upon error.
>> You were trying to use mod_perl 1 syntax.  See this for more:

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