>> Most geeks make lousy web designers and would rather fiddle
>> with the back end server code than CSS and javascript.

>I agree that I'm a lousy designer, but in this day Javascript (and CSS to some
>extent) are becoming more and more important. Javascript is a real programming
>language relegating it to be the work of web designers is why there's so much
>crappy Javascript code out there today. I feel that you're really doing yourself
>a disservice to not learn it and learn it well.

all the more reasons for UI controls to exist. These hide javascript and even handlers from the designers altogether. The real value is in delivering one chunk of code which contains all it needs - javascript, C# , CSS, images. Drop this chunk in right place and you're instantly creating a sortable, pageable, selectable grid. Why build the wheel when you can buy it for less than $500.00 ?