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From Sergij Borodych <>
Subject $r->handler and $r->set_handlers on all files
Date Tue, 17 Apr 2007 15:42:58 GMT

I have configuration:

<Directory "/somedir/htdocs">
     PerlAuthzHandler MyModule::authorize

and in authorize:

if ...
     $r->set_handlers( (MP2 ? 'PerlResponseHandler' : 'PerlHandler') => 
\&somefunc );

If url is "/" all ok - authorize and after somefunc is called
But if I request all other files like "/test.html"
authorize called and set handlers, but somefunc not called :(

Also it called if request "/test" (try to resolve test.html I think)
and for non existing url(files) it(somefunc) called too

Where a problem?
Is a way for fix it without redirect or add new Perl*Handler 
(PerlMapToStorageHandler,PerlFixupHandler?) ?

Sergij Borodych

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