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From Jim Martinez <>
Subject some 2007 conference dates
Date Wed, 21 Mar 2007 01:19:29 GMT
Since Stas isn't likely to pimp the conferences, here's a late attempt.

YAPC::NA June 25th through 27th, Houston, Texas
 Abstract Submission Deadline - April 9th

OSCON July 23-27, 2007 in Portland, Oregon
 Call For Participation Is Now Closed.

ApacheCon (??last year it was in Austin in October??)

What topics would interest you at YAPC::NA?  If you're thinking of
submitting, consider preemptive feedback by posting a summary of what
you'd submit.

If you're thinking of making a submission for OSCON, here are some topics
that would interest me:

 * anything with Apache::Test
 * maintaining web applications in a multi developer 
   environment, including these subtopics 
   ** building a test suite
      -- find a bug, add a test
      -- options for limited tests and
         comprehensive testing (developers often
         want to run an abbreviated version of the
         test suite, while a nightly automated
         smoke test should run all the tests)
      -- using a test suite to evaluate upgrades.  I'm
         still using postgresql 7 and mod perl 1 and
         a test suite would help when I upgrade to
         postgresql 8, mod perl 2, perl 5.10 and maybe
         even for (gasp) perl 6 (angelic music goes here).
   ** integrating human QA with a test suite

 * Mod perl development review
 * Bleeding edge mod perl
 * Not strictly perl topics 
   - avoiding the "death march" (kept me out of YAPC 06)
   - refactoring before adding a feature
   - subversion and branching (stable head or a production branch,
     maybe something about svnmerge)

A test suite is essential for maintaining complex web applications, which
is why I love Apache::Test.  I can't understand why others seem under
impressed with it.

Hmmm, Apache::Test

Warm regards,

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