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From Anthony Gardner <>
Subject Re: internal_redirect & ModPerlRegistry
Date Mon, 26 Mar 2007 14:20:28 GMT
Answering my own question ......... yes, it can only be called from content handlers.

But any advice on how I can achielve the same result from with cgi scrupts would be great.

Thank you.

Anthony Gardner <> wrote: Can I only use internal_redirect
in handlers or is it possible to use it within a cgi script calling another cgi script? All
the docs I've seen have used handlers ......... I want to do something different ;)

As you know, OK has to be returned immediatly after the internal_redirect so that's telling
me it's only used in handlers :(

I need to incorporate the output from the internal call into the contents of the external

I've tried internal_redirect but nothing is returned and the called script isn;t entered.

Or, is there another way to achieve the same thing without going through the outside world?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here's a snippet of the offending code.

my $r = $self->_request_rec();
my $server_root = $self->server_root();
my $faq_path =  $server_root  . '/' . $path;

my $ret = $r->internal_redirect( $faq_path );




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