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From Amish Desai <>
Subject Re: [mp2] .htaccess and User Authentication - Need Help
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2007 22:15:39 GMT

Thanks Roger, 

Going on the same lines, using Apache::AuthDBI and Apache::AuthCookieDBI

When I am trying to access the URL it gives me following error 

[error] PerlRun: `couldn't open ../htdocs/html/login.html: (Any pointers

My .htaccess file is 
 PerlModule Apache::AuthCookieDBI
 PerlSetVar WhatEverPath /
 PerlSetVar WhatEverLoginScript /cgi-perl/

My conf file is as follows
<Location /cgi-bin/>
 	AuthType Apache::AuthCookieDBI
        AuthName WhatEver
        PerlAuthenHandler Apache::AuthCookieDBI->authenticate
        #PerlAuthzHandler Apache::AuthCookieDBI->authorize
        Require valid-user
       #or you can require users:
       #require user jacob
       #You can optionally require groups.
       #require group system

	PerlSendHeader On
   #Options +FollowSymLinks
# Login location.
<Files LOGIN>
      AuthType Apache::AuthCookieDBI
      AuthName WhatEver
      SetHandler perl-script
      PerlHandler Apache::AuthCookieDBI->login


Roger McCalman wrote:
> Have a look at Apache::AuthCookie or Apache::AuthTicket
> Cheers, Roger
> On Fri, Mar 02, 2007 at 11:10:22AM -0800, Amish Desai wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I have a problem where in I want to use .htaccess and a custom Login form
>> for User authentication. The requirement is 
>> User X wants to access a URL, then he needs to get
>> authenticated first using a Custom Login form which displays 3 fields.
>> Taking this user input, we need to validate the credentials against
>> sybase
>> DB and then return him back to the page he asking. When he is requesting
>> the
>> resource folder needs to be protected by .htaccess file.
>> Please advice me on the possible workaounrd/solution to be implemented
>> using
>> Apache/1.3.29 and mod_perl mod_perl/1.29_01.
>> Thanks much,
>> Amish 
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