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From Martijn <>
Subject PerlAuthenHandler
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2007 10:11:02 GMT

I've been building a perl script that automatically logs a visitor  in
upon visiting the website (given that they're not logged in already
and they have chosen to be remembered by the server etc.).
I've written a handler that does this and I call it using

	PerlAuthenHandler MyRoot::Testing

which executes the handler subroutine in the MyRoot/ module.
This works well, though I'm not sure if there aren't nicer solutions
to this; after all there is no authentication taking place here, the
script returns OK both if the visitor is actually logged in and if,
for some reason, they aren't.

But my main concern is that I'd like to rename the subroutine to
something more appropriate, especially since I might want to use more
than one 'handler' and wouldn't want to create modules for each of
then. However, when I try to change it to MyRoot::Testing->autologin I
get an error that it can't find the MyRoot/Testing/
module. This surprises me in particular because the line above the
PerlAuthenHandler one is

	PerlAuthenHandler MyRoot::AxKit::Plugin::Authenticate->authenticate

which, indeed, calls the authenticate subroutine from said module. But
even placing my handler subroutine there doesn't work... Could it
perhaps be that PerlAuthenHandler shouldn't be called twice?
It's not a very big problem, as it works fine now, and I could always
make different modules, but it just isn't very tidy. And I just like
to understand things.



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