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From Steven Lembark <>
Subject Re: Converting a String of bits into a binary number in perl?
Date Mon, 05 Mar 2007 13:38:50 GMT

-- Deepak Mallya <>

> Hi,
>     Can anyone tell me how do I convert a String of bits into a binary
> number in Perl
> For eg:- $a="100";  I want to convert this into perl's interpretation of
> binary no ie $a=0b100

You have to mask the value to 32 bits and then use
"unpack". Issue is that with a string you may have
more than the upper limit of bits, which will lead
to overflows (or having to use BigIntegers ).

One apprach that uses a simpler pack string is

    my @intz = ();

    while( my $bits = substr $bitstring, -32, 32, '' )
        push @intz, pack $pack_format, $bits;

that or

    my $bits = substr $bitstring, -32, 32, '';

    my $int  = $pack_format, $bits;

    carp "Oversize bitstring: '$bitstring' remaining after $int";

Note that the substr and pack options have to be
consistent with the storage on the architecture
you are using (low- or high-endian) or you have
to force the bits into network order before making
the bitstring.

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