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From RA Jones <>
Subject Poor Apache/mod_perl performance
Date Fri, 09 Mar 2007 17:45:09 GMT
Hi folks,

Please help with a problem I'm experiencing regarding performance. Setup 
is a VPS running Debian (Ubuntu server) on AMD64. In some fairly crude 
timing loops of a Perl script run from the command line, the AMD64 
out-performs my other platforms, so I think the Perl part is OK. But 
Apache/mod_perl performance is pretty abysmal.

I installed from a standard httpd-2.2.3.tar.gz from an mirror 
site, and Bundle::Apache2 from CPAN - as far as I know neither is 
optimised for AMD64. The Debian Apache-Perl package is version 1.3 I 
think, and I would rather use the more recent version 2's so I avoided 
it. Is my poor Apache/mod_perl (and mediocre mod_cgi performance) likely 
to be related to the 64-bit architecture?

I'm not too familiar with Debian or 64-bit systems, having previously 
only setup 32-bit Win32 & Mandrake platforms using the XAMPP package 
(which won't run on the Debian 64-bit platform), so any help would be 
much appreciated.
Richard Jones
Leeds, UK

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