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From Anthony Gardner <>
Subject Re: Sub Requests
Date Thu, 29 Mar 2007 16:59:02 GMT
Yeah, you know what, I was mistakingly using lookup_file for ages and then changed to lookup_uri
but then overlooked the possibilty of adding on the qsuery string.

Ho hum, will try tomorrow. Am getting there slowly.

Perrin Harkins <> wrote: On 3/29/07, Anthony Gardner  wrote:
> I can use PassEnv and PerlPassEnv, set them in the calling script and then
> retrieve the values in the called script (sub request) ........ cool!!

You could also put things in $r->pnotes().  The parent request object
is available from within the subrequest.

> But, I do loose my QUERY_STRING and infact, I'd like to change the
> QUERY_STRING for the called sub request.

I think you just need to construct a URL with the query string you
want and use it as your subrequest URL.

- Perrin

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