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From Anthony Gardner <>
Subject Re: internal_redirect & ModPerlRegistr
Date Mon, 26 Mar 2007 15:51:57 GMT
The script is running under ModPerlRegistry but nothing is happening. After posting this problem,
I read that internal_redirect can only be called from a content handler. 
 So, am I right in now thinking, because my cgi script gets wrapped by a handler, it's considered
a content handler? If so, why oh why isn;t it working :(
 As for the $r, it's coming from Apache->request() ............ but we are experiencing

Perrin Harkins <> wrote: On 3/26/07, Anthony Gardner  wrote:
> Can I only use internal_redirect in handlers or is it possible to use it
> within a cgi script calling another cgi script?

If by "CGI script" you mean something running ModPerl::Registry, then
yes, it works fine.  If you mean a perl program called through mod_cgi
and not mod_perl, then no.  You would have to fake that with LWP or

> my $r = $self->_request_rec();

That looks pretty scary.  Where is the value of $self->_request_rec()
coming from?  If you keep a RequestRec object around and try to use it
in a later request, bad things will happen (segfaults).

- Perrin

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