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From Martin Moss <>
Subject Re: Zend PHP
Date Fri, 09 Mar 2007 11:20:08 GMT
Many thanks to you all for your posts, Much food for
thought... ultimately the decision is out of my hands,
which is why I'm looking for useful perl based
alternatives to propose to the powers that be.

To be fair to Zend... you should checkout their
products, as it's not just about the support, but the
fact that they have a whole integrated developer
studio and deployment mechanism... And many other
whistles and Bells...



--- Robert Landrum <> wrote:

> Martin Moss wrote:
> > I just had a demo of the Zend Platform and
> framework
> > for php.
> > It's got some really nice stuff, but ultimately
> the
> > reason we may decide to ditch perl and move to php
> > (hmmmm I know booo) will be down to support. OR
> > lackthereof for Perl...
> > 
> I've been writing perl for 10 years now (I know, a
> newbie :), but in 
> those ten years, there's never been anything for
> which I've needed to 
> ask "support" for.  I've never once encountered a
> honest *perl* bug. 
> Any questions, about anything, have been answered by
> the perl book, or 
> perl cookbook.
> As far as coding is concerned, CPAN has proved to be
> the most valuable 
> resource.  In writing in other languages, I often
> find myself having to 
> search hi-and-low for source, libraries, or
> documentation on how to do 
> common, trivial things...  Things which are easily
> found in CPAN.
> PHP is okay, and has almost the same level of
> community support as perl 
> (although it kinda feels a bit less organized).  The
> perl/mod_perl 
> community has always been there with helpful advice
> when I needed 
> assistance.  I don't see it going away.
> I'm sure the Zend cool-aid is tasty, but I'll stick
> with perl for now...  :)
> Rob

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