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Subject Re: Sry, 1 more question.. Apache2::Reload goofiness
Date Tue, 20 Feb 2007 20:59:21 GMT
Gotcha.  However, restarting apache doesn't seem to do the trick.  Is it 
maybe unrelated to Apache2::Reload?

I've noticed that if I go through and make a LOT of changes (commenting 
stuff out), then go back and undo my changes to get me back to square one, 
that sometimes fixes it.  However, 5 - 10 minutes per change really gets 

Dan Kelley
Sr. Network Analyst
SSM Health Care, Information Center
(314) 768-5144 / (314) 256-9272

"Perrin Harkins" <> 
02/20/2007 02:57 PM

"" <>
Re: Sry, 1 more question.. Apache2::Reload goofiness

There is no such thing as reloading modules in Perl.  Apache2::Reload
makes a pretty good try at it, but it can never work perfectly since
there is no language support for this feature.  Usually, I just
restart the server when I make a change.  It only takes a couple of

At my current job, we write code that works under both CGI and
mod_perl, which means it works fine to run through CGI when you're
developing, and then switch to mod_perl for testing and production.

- Perrin

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