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From "Aaron Hawryluk" <>
Subject Strange characters in output when filtered through mod_perl
Date Thu, 08 Feb 2007 20:03:16 GMT
Hi list,

I'm having trouble with mod_perl 2.0 (latest stable build) - I have it set
up to run all my old cgi programs through an aliased directory
(perl-bin->cgi-bin with the mod_perl filters turned on in apache).  However,
when running under mod_perl, my output gets garbled characters added to it,
even when I specify the charset for output in the HTML code.

Here it is under my old CGI model (which is now far too CPU-intensive):

And here it is under mod_perl:

The upshot - for some reason, using exactly the same libraries to publish
content, when run under mod_perl apostrophes become "’".  Anyone have any
idea why? Our publishing system doesn't use any strange character sets -
it's a straight DBD::mysql call to get the results for an article and
straight search-and-replace type regular expressions to place the content in
the templates. Anyone ever seen anything like this?

I would REALLY like to be able to run under mod_perl - some days my server
load spikes up to 75 or so on all 4 processors... it's a bad scene.

--Aaron Hawryluk
Webmaster, The Calgary Sun
Ph: 403-250-4371

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