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From Robert Landrum <>
Subject Re: Lost ENV variable value .........
Date Thu, 11 Jan 2007 22:46:42 GMT
Tracy12 wrote:
> Thanks,
> If this is the case, How can we preserve the REMOTE_USER value and
> forward/redirect to the other application 
> ( running on same Apache Server) which is based on the REMOTE_USER
> environment variable, which is set in my perl module in the first
> application.
> I was under the impression $ENV{'REMOTE_USER') variable can be used for such
> purposes.
I think you've got this idea or notion that this is the right way to do 
whatever it is you're trying to do and are asking questions that don't 
really make sense to us.

Maybe we could help more if we knew what it was you were really trying 
to do.

But if thats not an option...  If I wanted to get remote user from one 
request to the next, I would pass it as a URL parameter.  Something like 

Your other option is to set a cookie containing this user id, or if 
security is an issue, use a session, with a unique id for the cookie.


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