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From c chan <>
Subject Re: system() call fails without lefting any status
Date Sat, 13 Jan 2007 05:19:57 GMT
>>c chan wrote:
>>> A simple system call like system("app & > /dev/nuil ") in a CGI
>>> aborts  the CGI without  leaving any status in the error_log. Did
>>> anyone experence anything like this?
>>No.  Experiment with it.  Take the & off.  Take the STDOUT redirection 
>>off.  See what causes it.
>Thanks for the suggestion, I willl try that today.

I removed the '&', and the system call turns out finished running except with STDOUT disabled.
 The sub scripts may have the string '> /dev/null' appended in the system call which re-routed
all output to /dev/null. 

I will try to experiment restoring STDOUT as suggested by the document.

- Clement 

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