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From "Octavian Rasnita" <>
Subject Re: installing mod_perl for 2 servers
Date Fri, 12 Jan 2007 20:47:12 GMT
From: "Jonathan Vanasco" <>

> No.
> Build the server with modules you want, either built-in or shared.
> Some modules that are very common /often used are built-in -- there's  a 
> chance that modules you want and didn't build as shared modules are 
> already compiled into apache.
> As per Michael's instructions, if you build mod_so, you can build any 
> module in the future as-needed, and load it as a shared object.
> The point being:
> you should have no reason to rebuild apache.  either the modules you  want 
> are built in already , or you can just build the modules and not  the 
> apache web server.

Aha, I'm glad it is possible, but this is what I don't know. How to build 
the modules if Apache is already installed, if they are not built in, and 
not installed as shared?
I have read the description pages for some Apache modules on Apache's site, 
but I didn't found details about installing them if the server is already 

So I think that if I will need to install some new modules, I might need to 
re-build Apache entirely with all all the modules that I need, including the 
old ones. This would not be very nice, but... is it true?

Or there is a way of just building and adding the new modules I need, just 
like I do with mod_perl for example?



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