I am running Apache 2.0.55 with mod_perl 2.0.1 and Perl 5.8.1 on a Sun Solaris machine. We would like to do http authentication via our ldap server so we need to install mod_auth_ldap.
The instrictions I found for installing mod_auth_ldap (http://www.muquit.com/muquit/software/mod_auth_ldap/mod_auth_ldap_apache2.html) say that before compiling and installing mod_auth_ldap, we need to complile and install LDAP libraries.  The instructions for installing ldap libraries seem to force me to also install an ldap server.  I do not want to install an ldap server since we already have a working ldap server.  I want to use our existing ldap server to do httpd authentication on our web server. Is there a way to install only the ldap libraries?
Thanks for any help.
Malka Cymbalista
Webmaster, Weizmann Institute of Science