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From "Aaron Trevena" <>
Subject Re: using subrequest to different server
Date Thu, 07 Dec 2006 15:17:18 GMT
On 06/12/06, Marc Lambrichs <> wrote:
> I'm trying to change a subrequest to do a request to a different server
> than the originating one. I'm not sure if this is possible. Anyway, I've
> skipped the internal_redirect because - am I correct? - this is bound to
> the originating server.
> My second thought was using lookup_uri(), but I'm not sure this can be done.
> Ofcourse, I'm trying to avoid a normal redirect either through apache
> config, or mod_rewrite or defining a separate handler. Any ideas?

What is the context of the redirect?

Are you just fetching something and providing it as is - i.e.
proxying, if so then mod_proxy would be your friend (ProxyPass and
ProxyPassReverse are very very handy)

Otherwise, presumbably you're executing some code to do something
and/or decided if you need to proxy the content, in which case it's a
bit trickier and you may need to use LWP or something to fetch the
data yourself.

I don't know of a mod_perl way to redirect to another server, but I'd
be interested to know if it was possible.


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