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From David Scott <>
Subject Re: Instability at startup for Apache2/mod_perl2 using worker MPM
Date Wed, 13 Dec 2006 00:25:08 GMT
Just a note to thank all those who helped me with my three (3) Apache2 
problems last week.  Here is how it all worked out:

- There was an apparent bug in Scoreboard.xs in Apache::Scoreboard 2.08 
that prevented its being loaded into Apache::VMonitor.  Malcolm is 
looking into this (thanks).
- There was an another glitch in B::TerseSize.  Thanks to Philip for 
looking into this.
- We decided to go with the prefork MPM for now, at least until we can 
get some of our more gnarly platform issues sorted out.  In fact, memory 
management in Apache2 appears to be vastly improved over Apache1, even 
with the prefork MPM, so our performance is already better just with 
that change.

We are still interested in the worker MPM, and would appreciate any "war 
stories" about thread-safety, etc.  We will probably be moving to 
DBIx::Class (which is supposed to function well in multithreaded Apache) 
rather than vanilla DBI.  If anyone has experience with DBIx::Class on 
mod_perl2 using the worker MPM, we would be grateful to hear from you.

Again, thanks to everyone.


David Scott wrote:
> This is not a good Apache day.  I already sent out a message regarding 
> an Apache::Scoreboard problem, and now Apache2::Status doesn't work 
> either.

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