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From Robert Landrum <>
Subject Re: Forking to an interactive program under mod_perl
Date Tue, 12 Dec 2006 23:13:56 GMT
Alex Beamish wrote:
> What I'm trying to do is come up with scaled page images from a PDF on 
> the fly. Thus, I want to launch Ghostscript and then ask for a couple of 
> page images. So, launching Ghostscript and getting the first page might 
> happen on the first request; subsequent requests would come back to the 
> Ghostscript session left running from the first request, and thus would 
> be able to quickly produce the required page image.
> Suggestions welcome.

What you're gonna need is a daemon that lives outside of mod_perl.  It's 
job will be to answer ghost script requests made from within your 
mod_perl handler, track open files, purge unused files, and generally do 
all the things you want to do.  I don't really see a clean way to do it 

I've never used it, but doing a CPAN search revealed GSAPI, a perl 
GhostScript interface.  That might be a good place to go.

Good luck,


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