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From Michael Peters <>
Subject Re: Doubt in References and complex datastructures
Date Mon, 11 Dec 2006 20:25:34 GMT

Deepak Mallya wrote:
> Hi,
>     When I try to use complex data structures I get an error saying
> Use of uninitialized value in string at C:\Documents and
> Settings\deepm\My Documents\ line 29, <FILE> line 1.
> The line of code is as follows:-
> for ($i=0;$i<=$#terms;$i++)
> {
> $wordlistref->{$terms[$i]}->{"postingsref"}->{"$doc"}->{"d1"}->{$termfreq}++;
> }
> Can anyone help me on this..Do I need to initialise every single hash
> ???cant I use it as above

Depends what you mean by "initialize". If you mean create the entry, then no,
Perl does this for you (it's called auto-vivification). If you mean actually
give the entry a defined value before using it, then yes.

In the example above the error message says "uninitialized value in string".
Note the "string" not "hash" part of the warning. I suspect your $doc var is
undefined. It's the only thing I can see that is a string.

Michael Peters
Plus Three, LP

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