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From John ORourke <>
Subject Re: Apache2::Cookie/APR::Request::Cookie
Date Sat, 09 Dec 2006 19:08:33 GMT
cfaust-dougot wrote:
> I'm always passing a relitive path to "Location" so I didn't think it 
> would matter.. Sure enough once I simply added 'Path => '/'," to all 
> my cookie create statements, SUCCESS!!!
Yay!  Has to be said I only thought of the hostname because I do the 
path out of habit!

By the way, I found Firefox (v1.x at least) can't cope with (in the raw 
header) path="/" - it requires path=/
(ie. no quotes)  If anyone can explain it I'd love to know.

Here's my baking recipe:

sub bake {
    my ($c, $r) = @_;
    my $val=$c->as_string();
    $val=~s/="\/"/=\//; # firefox hack
    $r->err_headers_out->add("Set-Cookie", $val);


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