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From Perrin Harkins <>
Subject Re: Apache2::Upload and End of file found error Part 2
Date Fri, 08 Dec 2006 18:57:56 GMT
cfaust-dougot wrote:
>  >>Argh you're right - since it was created in the global hash I thought it
>  >>was part of the globals and didn't look closely enough. 
> Yep, I was just making sure.. That makes it even more of a mystery 
> though, don't you think?

Well, although the CGI object is not a global, you are keeping the HTTP 
data in a global, %form_data.

> Since then I went though created a new CGI object within that sub 
> whenever I've needed it, and it seems to work. The problem only appears 
> to happen if a new CGI object is created within the handler or within a 
> sub that is called from the handler and it only effects upload?????? 
> Bizzare, but I'm trying to move on..

This is probably because is reading all the form input and not 
leaving it for Apache2::Request to read.

>  >>You don't need it if you're using Apache::Request though.  You can 
> use Apache::Request_or_ CGI, you don't need to use >>both at the same time.
> I'm giving that a shot now, If I can get Apache2::Cookie to work right 
> and find some way to duplicate's "escape" and "unescape" methods 
> I won't need at all..

See the docs for porting escape_uri and escape_html from mod_perl 1 here:

- Perrin

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