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From "cfaust-dougot" <>
Subject RE: Apache2::Cookie/APR::Request::Cookie
Date Sat, 09 Dec 2006 18:42:22 GMT
The path was it!!!!
I'm always passing a relitive path to "Location" so I didn't think it would matter.. Sure
enough once I simply added 'Path => '/'," to all my cookie create statements, SUCCESS!!!
I'm now 100% without in my scripts, WooHoo!!!
Thanks John, Clinton and Philip, you guys rock!!


From: John ORourke []
Sent: Sat 12/9/2006 1:19 PM
To: cfaust-dougot
Subject: Re: Apache2::Cookie/APR::Request::Cookie

Ummm... this should be obvious but are you redirecting to a different hostname?

In your code you're not explicitly setting the cookie domain or path, so the browser will
only send the cookie to pages with the same hostname.  That would explain why you don't see
it on the redirect...

Note that a good browser won't allow one domain to set a cookie for another domain too - I've
never tested this though.


cfaust-dougot wrote: 

	I have read that and I used to use the 2nd method on that page without any problems.. Because
I'm trying to do away with I'm now using the 3rd method "using libapreq2' but without
the content type etc when its a redirect.
	Because there isn't a redirect example using libapreq2, does that mean it doesn't work with


	From: Philip M. Gollucci []
	Sent: Sat 12/9/2006 12:26 PM
	To: cfaust-dougot
	Cc: Clinton Gormley;
	Subject: Re: Apache2::Cookie/APR::Request::Cookie

	cfaust-dougot wrote:
	> Thanks Clinton,John and Philip.. Everything is helpful.
	> Can I ask if there is something different when redirecting? It would
	> appear the cookie isn't being sent in a redirect.
	> When logging in from the post form I see the "Set-Cookie" header being
	> set but when I redirect them back to the URl they should be on I don't
	> see the "Set-Cookie" header being set even though I pack up the cookie
	> and set it again (just like in the previous POST request)
	> But does that even matter? A cookie isn't always set before its read in
	> the same session, I might be looking for a cookie that was saved the
	> last time you were on the site.
	See these FAQs:
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