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From Anthony Gardner <>
Subject Apache::Reload == Lost ENV
Date Fri, 01 Dec 2006 13:55:20 GMT
I'm def not the first to have noticed this, I googled but nothing sprang out at me.

I have a pkg var
our $DOCUMENT_ROOT = WWW::Utils->document_root();

and I print %ENV at package level

If, after changing this pkg's code, I issue a new request, the DOCUMENT_ROOT is set okay and
%ENV is printed out correctly. Then Apache::Reload kicks in, does its stuff and then re-runs
the pkg. This time the HTTP_* stuff is all missing and all that remains in %ENV are the vars
we set up in apache conf files.

Thus DOCUMENT_ROOT (and others) have become unset.

Am I doing sth stupidly wrong here?

-Ants (feeling a bit foolish)


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