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From Anthony Gardner <>
Subject Re: syswrite + Apache?
Date Fri, 15 Dec 2006 10:27:44 GMT

Now what am I doing wrong?

I'm trying to tie( *NEWOUT, 'Apache2::RequestIO' ); as per docs ....

but I'm getting ..... Can't locate object method "TIEHANDLE" via package "Apache2::RequestIO"

I've tried it under ModPerl::Registry and I've written a handler but same results.

I'd appreciate an pointers. Sorry 'bout this!!



Perrin Harkins <> wrote: Alex Beamish wrote:
> I'm going 
> to seriously consider looking through the mod_perl docs to see if 
> there's a way to make sure a reader understands that if they want to do 
> anything with STDOUT .. that they can't.

The tied STDOUT is actually pretty well-documented in my opinion:

There's more here about how this affects forking and system():

If there's a place in the docs where you think it would be relevant but 
it isn't mentioned, you're more than welcome to send in a correction. 
There are instructions for checking out the docs source on the website.

- Perrin

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