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From Malcolm J Harwood <>
Subject Re: Apache::VMonitor doesn't install (can't find Apache::Scoreboard): suggested patch
Date Wed, 06 Dec 2006 05:35:47 GMT
On Tuesday 05 December 2006 20:33, David Scott wrote:

> I *finally* managed to get this to work.  The problem is in
> Apache::Scoreboard, in Scoreboard.xs: apparently
> ap_exists_scoreboard_image() can return the value 0 even when everything
> is OK,

Can I ask how you found that out? I've been trying to find a cause for the 
issue mentioned below, without much luck (but also without much time).

> causing the existence test to fail and Apache::Scoreboard not to 
> load.

Which version of Apache are you using? There's a known issue with 
Apache::VMonitor not loading if you try to load it too soon (eg. from a 
PostConfigRequire) with more recent versions of Apache. (It's mentioned in 
the Apache::VMonitor docs). It could be the same issue.

> The following patch to Scoreboard.xs seems to do the trick:
> 342c342
> <     if (ap_exists_scoreboard_image()) {
> ---
>  >     if ( image != NULL ) {
> I hope this makes life easier for other people.  Apache::VMonitor really
> is a nice tool.

Thanks. I'll test the change locally and upload a new version as soon as I get 

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