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From Todd White <>
Subject Re: AuthDBI & Apache 2.2 & mod_perl 2
Date Mon, 06 Nov 2006 19:15:55 GMT
On Mon, 6 Nov 2006, Philip M. Gollucci wrote:

> Todd White wrote:
> > Thanks much!  However, for it to work, I still need to use
> > 'Apache2::compat'.
> Please explain -- Perrin is correct, you should not need this with
> Apache::AuthDBI 1.05+

My most sincere apologies -- it seems now I must recant my most recent
claim that I still needed to use Apache2::compat to make it work.  Working
in concert with others at my organization, it was brought to my attention
finally (actually, it was finally *figured out*) that we had a "small"
issue of not having a couple important ENV variables set.  With those set
now, I was able to remove the Apache2::compat from the PerlModule line,
restart and the authentication/authorization works as expected.

So, my position now, until stated otherwise, is that Apache::AuthDBI 1.05
is without any issues and is working as expected.

> > In this transition to mp2, it's occuring to me that while mod_perl 2 does
> > seem superior to mod_perl 1, it seems the documentation is NOT.
> > Frustrating.  :-/
> Well, you're on the right list, if you can be more specific, we can fix it :)

Certainly.  I can definitely appreciate the fact that a general comment
isn't much help beyond my need to vent.  Things have been pretty crazy
here for a few days straight, but the dust is settling and as it does, I
think I'll have more time to share specifics regarding what I find as I
use the documentation.

Thanks for your help!

--Todd White

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